Sunspot Bio

Sunspot, Roberto DaCosta, is the son of a wealthy buisness man and an arqueologist. His power to absorb ambient solar energy and turn it into raw energy first manifested at a soccer game in his hometown. He joined the New mutants and soon became Cannonball's best friend. But his father was murdered by the External Gideon so when the team became X-Force, Roberto left to take care of his father's buisness. It turns out, that it was all a plot by Gideon to get his hands on Sunspot whom he believed was an External. But when Gideon realizes that Cannonball was the External he tries to kill Sunspot. X-Force rescues him though and roberto re-joins the team. But when X-Force was battling the new MLF which was lead by a new entity called Reignfire, Sunspot was teleported away by Locus. It later turns out that Sunspot himself was Reignfire and Cable deletes that persona from his mind, bringing roberto back to the team again. Roberto is still with the team now that they hae left Cable and was very upset to discover his funds frozen so he could't help his friends out monetarily. But as seen in recent issues of X-Force, Reignfire is again up and about and it's not Sunspot this time. It turns out that Sunspot was never really Reignfire. Reignfire was subject 19 in the labs run by Gideon, and he achieved powers just like Roberto's through the experiments that went on there. Sunspot said he was Reignfire due to a mind link between him and the true Reingfire. The true Reignfire told Roberto some of this when he and Locus captured him, X-Force, and Skids. He took them to Las Vegas to die, tied them up and used a mentally unstable mutant to dampen the teams powers. But Locus had failed to capture Warpath, and he set the team free. Meanwhile, the doctor who created Reignfire came to Las Vegas to fix his mistake and destroy Reignfire. The doctor doesn't manage it, but X-Force manages to pick of where he leaves off. Once the whole thing is resolved, Sunspot clears up everything with his company and his account is fixed. He uses his money to get the team a warehouse in San Francisco that they use as their new base of operations, and a vacation to Hawaii that turns out to be another adventure for the team. He now flaunts his wealth and his arrogance is seeping back into his personality.

X-Force #79 explained to me all the doubts I had concerning Sunspot/Reignfire. I was truly surprised to see that their explanation was indeed believeable. Roberto has always been a good character, and now freed from the enigma that was the Reignfire mess people should be able to appreciate him more. I for one am very glad this has been resolved. Maybe now we can really start to go into the relationship blooming between Sunspot and Meltdown.
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