Siryn Bio

Siryn, Theresa Rourke, is the daughter of Sean Cassidy and Maeve Rourke born while Sean was away on an assignment for Interpool. Maeve died before Sean's return so Theresa's uncle Tom Cassidy took care of her. Tom had been in love with Maeve and decided to keep her daughter a secret from his brother. When Sean returned and learned of his wife's death, he had a big fight with Tom and left shortly afterwards, never discovering he had a daughter. So Theresa grew up with her criminaly minded uncle. He did care about her though. But all these problems led her to experimenting with alcohol, a vice she later defeated with the help of her teamate Warpath. She joined X-Force in on of the first issues where her uncle and his friend Juggernaut were causing trouble and it was up to X-Force and Spiderman to stop them. Theresa was there at the time, using her sonic screan powers(just like her fathers) to help X-Force and eventually she joined them. Since then she has been a constant member. She was very intelligent and soon became a leader for the team. When Cannonball left in X-Force #44 she was the one who took over the leadership(even though Cable was always the true leader). An important note on her life would be her encounters with the mercenary Deadpool. She has become his friend and he saved her on ocassion. Siryn was the one who lead the merc to try and be a better person. But recently with the events of Zero Tolarance at an end, X-Force has broken away from Cable and is on their own. Siryn hasn't had time for her friend Deadpool with all the problems she has currently been facing. She is turning into a very good leader though. One thing she has over Cable is her felxibility. She doesn't have to ALWAYS be with the team to make sure things go smoothly. She can, as she did, go off with Warpath to help him deal with certain problems. Warpath is her support in dealing with Meltdown's annoying attitude, Sunspot, and any leader problems with Dani. She's flexible, but very capable, and the team doesn't take on more than they can handle preassure wise due to her. In other words, leadership wise she takes a more passive aproach than Cable but is still firm and responsible.

I have always liked Siryn's character because she was a leader and a constant member of the team. Her relationship with Deadpool was always an interesting one too. I want these two to get together but it seems unlikely with all the changes X-Force is going through. Siryn also has a small conflict going on with Dani Moonstar. Dani was the co-leader of the New Mutants and is now back on the team. She seems to just naturaly try to lead the team, but Siryn is the one who is supossed to be the leader. Dani still hasn't really decided if she will stay with the team or not. I'd really like to see thse two characters become friends though, especially since Siryn doesn't have a good female friend yet.
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