Choices: They are something we all have to make. Wether to talk or 
keep quiet, act or not. The choices in life can be very importat, or
trivial. But sometimes the things we choose lead to certain ironies.
We all know that the Marvel Universe is full of ironies, so here I 
will limit myself to only a few. The format is like so, before you 
read each instance of irony, ask yourself: Isn't it ironic? 
                (remind anyone of a certain song?)

Isn't it ironic...

... that Wolverine should marry Viper, a woman who tried to kill his
love, Mariko?

... that Cable feels no remorse when a humane machine dies, yet is
himself half machine?

... that Gambit should call Joseph evil and incapable of reform, we he
himself has done evil and has tried to make ammends?

... that a woman who values life as Storm does not only fights all the
time, but has fought at least twice with willingness to kill?

... that a woman who fears skin to skin contact as Rogue does would 
run around dressed scantily half the time?

If you are done pondering these few of the many ironies of the Marvel Universe, Angel is waiting to fly you back to the X-Men Page.