It's all in the cards mon ami

You think you know everything about the X-Men? I've compiled a list of obscure facts on past and present X-Men that you may or may not already know. All of these facts are true(though there might be an error in my interpretation). If you can point out any errors, e-mail them to me and I'll put your name up on this page. Enjoy!

Obscure Facts

1) Cannonball likes to read science fiction
2) Phoenix's most prized possession is the blanket Xavier used 
to keep on his lap in the old days.
3) Rogue never went to the prom.
4) Sunspot is extremely powerfull in Asguard.
5) ImpossibleMan has three impossible children.
6) Iceman went to Darmouth College in New Hampshire.
7) Colossus has moved the Blob.
8) Mystique has taken on the shape of a man before.
9) Wolverine has met the Watcher.
10) Wolfbane reads fairy tales.
11) The mansion has only hosted one slumber party
12) Iceman liked a waitress called Zelda.
13) Cannonball and Sunspot are Magnum PI fans.
14) Warpath's most prized possession is his tattoo.
15) Shadowcat hated Storm's mohawk look.
16) Cyclops has been mistaken for Dark Phoenix before.
17) Beast has been known to use his feet when preparing a meal.
18) Worthington Industries has been used for anti-mutant purposes 
more than once.
19) Sabertooth used to be know as the Slasher
20) Wolverine's coddename used to be Patch.
21) Ted Robert's was Phoenix's friend at Metro College.
22) Cannonball majored in Physics in his studies at Xavier's
23) Joseph's most prized possession is his uniform from when "he"
was headmaster at Xavier's.

Now that you are(supossedly) more knowledgeable in all things X-Men and X-Force, you can head back to the X-Men page. Cyclops will take you there, as he is a gentleman.