Hi! Welcome to this page of uncanny humor. I'll introduce you around to some of the members of the X-Men if you like. They are all waiting to meet you and tell you a little about themselves.

May the goddess welcome you. I am Storm, the current leader of the X-Men. I have been leader of many diferent groups, such as the now dead Marauders and the remains of Gene Nation. I no longer lead these groups, because they were better off without me, but I assure you I will lead the X-Men well.

Hello, bub. My name's Wolverine and I'm the best at what I do. Wether it's fighting with teammates or killing the badguys, I'm yer man!

I am Profesor Charles Francis Xavier, founder of the X-Men. I have not always been with my team, indeed recently I was their worst enemy, but I still believe in the dream that caused me to form this misunderstood group. Someday, the team will come looking for me again. They need me as their mentor and father figure so badly, even though I've lost my powers. *Contented sigh* It's wonderful to be needed even if you are annoying and bosy sometimes.

I am Cyclops, and this is my brother Havok. I am the rigid boy scout leader of the X-Men, and Havok, well he just lives in my shadow. He's been known to be used and brainwashed over and over. *Sigh* Hard to believe we are related!

Hello, I am Warren Worthington III. I have been on the team forever. For this reason my business has slipped and been used against me before, but now that my girlfriend and I are on vacation I might take the time to start earning my high salary.

My name is Elisabeth Braddock. I am a British lady. Several out of body experiences have really changed me though. Now I have this distaste for clothes that lead to my current costume. I don't really do much anymore except hang around bugging Warren.

My name is Bishop. Like too many other characters, I'm from the future. My job on the team was to rant and yell over the X-traitor. Now that the traitor has been found I just float round the vacumm with my new girlfriend Deathbird.

I'm Iceman. I started showing real potential as a team player during the Bastion crisis. Now I'm back to the background though. My main job is jokes. Ha ha!

Be afraid upworlder. I'm Marrow, a bad attitude, all violence, angel worshiping, pain in Storm's behind. I don't do orders or much else but grumble either.

'Ello dere. My name be Gambit. I'm the cajun heart-breaker who participated in the slaughter of the Morlocks. Dey kick me off da team for dat, an my woman dislike me, but I'll be back, mon ami.

Hello, Ah'm Rogue. I'm the southern gal who can't be touched. That's why ah love to go around dressed skimpily. Mah boyfriend broke mah heart, so now I go around whinning 'bout poor ol' me, and getting suckered into bad deals for lossing mah powers.

Hello, Ah'm the other southerner on the team. Ah complain all the time about how bad things have gotten. Ah used to be a serious person, and good leader, but when I moved inta the big leagues I felt being stupid was best.

All the pictures on this page were drawn by James Manning, aka Shiledz.

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