Hello, now I'm going to introduce you to some of the past and present members of X-Force. As before, they'll each tell you a bit about themselves.

Hello, I am Cable. I am Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor's son retured from the future. Not only did I come with an annoying clone, but with tons of big guns and technology as well. I made it my mission to turn thhe kids of X-Force into soldiers and alienanate them from the other teams.

Hello, I am Domino. I'm Cable's mercenary friend, whom he called in to help him with X-Force. I wasn't the first Domino the team had met though because I was so bad I let myself be captured even though things are supossed to go my way. Now I have this implant in my head that negates the luck I was supposed to have anyway! For this reason I left Cable and the team. See, I needed to get out and prove I still had it. For this reason Arcade managed to pit me against Shatterstar, my former charge. Naturally I beat the supreme warrior even without my powers, cuz I still got it.

Hello, I'm Beast from the X-Men. I'm here to introduce you to Caliban. He was a morlock who was geneticaly altered through a fascinating process by Apocalypse, turning him into one of his horsemen. But Caliban has managed to free himself from evil's grasp, and with his child-like intellect he formed part of X-Force. But in more recent events he began getting sick for some unexplainable reason and Apocalypse recalled his creation.

My name is Shatterstar, a warrior from Mojoworld. I came to X-Force asking for assistance in my battle against Mojo, but then forgot all about my war. I'm a character of dubious origin, and have no idea who I really am! I'm supossed to be the spirit of Mojo's genetic creation placed in Benjamin Russel's body by my father(??), but thinking about that too much even gives me a headache!

I'm Sunspot, once the evil Reingfire... err no wait a minute, that was just someone infused with my genetic material and mind linked to me forcing that erroneous confesion. I'm just the guy who hang around getting to close to my girlfriend, my best-friend's ex. I show no guilt about taking my pal's girl, 'cause I'm the latin lover type, see?

Hey! My name is Meltdown. I'm the emotionally abused hot-head with an identity crisis. I'm known for chaging my name four times, and making smart-alecky remarks. In recent action I smooched around behind my boyfriends back, not having the guts to tell him. When he caught us he got mad and took off. It's not MY fault I'm so emotionaly scarred I can't deal with him! I didn't mean to hurt him! Really!
Hey all! I'm Deadpool, the big bad merc. I'm not really a member of this loser team, but I was introduced in their book, and have the hot's for their lovely Irish leader. I'm this big tough guy who goes around having identity crisis' all the time and never get's to score with the Irish(just with the yucky bad girl).

Once again, the images were provided by James Manning, aka Shieldz. Thanks James!
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