Hello, we are Multiple Man...or should that be men? Well In any case, we are here to introduce you to some X-Villans. We aren't villans, even though sometimes we can be as annoying as they are, but we are heroes. Hey! Stop that! You're going to get us in trouble Jamie! Yes you, the one over there! No! Argh!

I am Bastion. I'm really evil. I captured the X-Men, their mentor and little Jubilee. True I didn't manage to kill a single one of them, but I'm still evil. I hate all mutants and even though my plans got shut down, I'll always hate them!

I am the blue shape shifter Mystique. I'm also evil. True, I ran around with X-Factor for a while but I was only using them. I have my own agenda. An agenda that never included my own kid. That must be why he's a superhero... I did try raising Rogue once though. For a while it went great! She was evil like me. But she turned good, ruining everything. It's ironic that my only child to be truly evil was that human disapointment Graydon Creed...

I am the evil genetic manipulator, Mr. Sinister. Mutant genes are my palette, and by manipulating them I can control the world! True, I haven't managed to control the world yet, because those stupid mutants always get in the way! But I still manage to wreak my havok(hehe what a pun) through the mutants I can control. Gambit used to be my servant, but even after he left my service I have used him and gotten him into trouble. It may take a while, but some Summers I'll win.

Grrr... I'm Sabertooth! I'm the meanest, badest, kick-your-buttest villan you can find. I'm an animal. Grrr... I kill without mercy, and have a constant vendetta against my rival Wolverine. Haven't managed to beat the !@#$%& yet, but it's not for lack of trying! My other hobbies include mass manslaughter, dismemberment, and tricking little girls. I'm the perfect date, if you wanna die! Grrr...

Like we told you earlier, these are a nasty bunch of villans. The drawings we used for their profiles were provided by Shieldz. We'll see ya all in the comics!

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