Welcome to this months X-Poll! It will be updated monthly and the results will be posted here for the previous polls. Enjoy!


August Poll- Q: Now that there have been guest artists, what do you think of Cheung's art? (out of only 5) 40% His art is fantastic! 40% His art is ok 20% Prefer the guest artists 0% Prefer Pollina 0% Think his art is too streamlined 0% Think his art is too manga-ish
June Poll- Q: What do you think about the way Siryn's injury was handled? (out of 26) 8% They should have helped her more 23% She should have stayed 23% It was handled well 23% She didn't talk to Banshee! That sucked! 4% It was ok 19% Not the best they could have done
May Poll- Q: : With Siryn leaving the roster for the team will change. Who do you want on the team? (out of 36) 3% Tarot 11% Magma 11% Jenifer Kale 50% I want Ric and Shatts!! 8% someone new 17% Keep Siryn!
April Poll- Q: Who best wrote the characters of X-Force? (out of 21) 10% Claremont 0% Raab 0% Rob Liefeld 57% Fabian Nicienza 14% Jeph Loeb 19% J.F. Moore
March Poll- Q: Which X-Force character needs to be updated/changed? (out of 17) 29% Dani 12% Domino 18% Cannonball 6% Meltdown 18% Siryn 18% James Proudstar
February Poll- Q: In all honesty, which is the best written X-Book out there? (out of 13) 15% X-Men 8% Uncanny X-Men 8% Mutant X 62% X-Force 8% Generation X 0% Cable
January Poll- Q: Who is your favorite X-Forcer? (out of 32) 19% Siryn 6% Meltdown 13% Moonstar 13% Warpath 6% Sunspot 44% Cannonball
December Poll- Q: Who has the worst accent? (out of 4) 0% Gambit 50% Rogue 0% Nightcrawler 0% Colossus 50% Cannonball 0% Wolverine
November Poll- Q: Who would make the best parent? (out of 9) 33% Phoenix 22% Cannonball 22% Beast 11% Iceman 11% Cyclops 0% Storm
October Poll: Who do you think is the most weak-willed(often manipulated or brainwashed)? Out of six respondents, 33% voted that it was Angel and 67% voted that it was Caliban. No one voted for any of the other alternatives that included Psylocke and Havoc among others.
Our poll asking the question: Which couple do you like least? had some interesting results. Out of the 12 people who responded 8% said Scott and Jean, 25% said Rogue and Gambit, 8% said Angel and Betsy, 8% said Sunspot and Meltdown, 42% said Cannonball and Marrow, and 8% said Beast and Trish.
Who's stronger? quiz results: We had 10 respondents this time. 10% thought Rogue was stronger, 0% thought that either Gladiator or Cannonball were stronger, 40% believed that Juggernaut was stronger, and 50% voted and decided that Colussus is the strongest.
quiz(1st): Out of 7 respondents to the question what elements are most important to you in comics 24% voted for the story, 14% for the art, 12% for characterization, and 50% for a balance of all.
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