X-Force #83- "Homefront"

The new artist for X-Force shows he isn't a one issue wonder with this comic. Wether his great art keeps it up for however long he remains on the series we shall have to see, but I love the way he draws. The story in this issue is a good one. We learn that Cannonball's mother is very sick, she has Guillian-Barre syndrome, and has to go to a hospital for treatment. She isn't expected to die though, but the family will have to move out of Cumberland where some relatives will care for them while she is in the hospital. Sam feels real bad about this. Anyone would faced with the prospect of moving from the place you always thought of as home. His mother doesn't want him to stay and take care of the kids either. She seems the sort of person who understands how hard that would be for a young man. Cannonball goes outside to brood about what he was told and runs into this mutant girl, Aracadia, and her, well "pet" Ulysses. He's a thinking being, but so loyal to her he may as well be her dog. She's running away from something we aren't told quite clearly about, but by being there Sam ends up involved. Meanwhile Jesse Bedlam runs into this mutant rescue team, MUSE or Mutant Underground Support Engine that rescued him as a child and were training him as an operative before he ran off to find his brother. Some doubt is shed on wether or not he has a brother, but X-Force does get to know more about him. A very good issue. Good story, action, and art.

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