X-Force #79- "Set My Soul On Fire"

I found that I liked X-Force #79 (d'oh I like most of the X-Force issues). The explanation for the Roberto not being Reingfire even though he declared himself so to his freinds is believeable (unlike that whole weird Shatterstar explanation thing). I got a real kick out of seening Skids in action, but I hope they do something more about how her fight with Locus ended up soon (I so hate a long dragging plotline). There was some humor mixed in to the story, which, as usual, I enjoyed. A few things I didn't like though was Pollina's art. I never liked this guy's art really. He does a few panels that really rock, but others tend to look sloppy and careless. In this issue, when the girls of X-Force are hanging upside down he gives them this weird long face effect that looks bad. I was kind of disappointed that the fight with Reignfire didn't end in this issue, but at least it gave me a good enough explanation to satisfy me until the next issue comes out. That's my review of X-Force #79 without many spoilers, in case some of you haven't gotten it yet. If you haven't gotten it I'd recommend you do, because overall I rate X-Force #79 as a good comic, worth the money I paid for it. But again, that's just my opinion.

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