Cannonball Bio

Cannonball is a blond haired, blue eyed, Kentucky farmboy. His real name is Samuel Guthrie. His family lives in Cumberland Kentucky. He has lots of younger siblings including the Generation X Husk. His father is dead so his mother takes care of all his sib's on their farm. His mutant power is a thermochemical blasting field that renders him almost invulnerable and allows him superfast flight speed. These powers first manifested in a coal mine collapse that he was in but blasted out with his mutant power. Since then Sam has been on several teams. He formed part of Profesor Xavier's New Mutants and was co-leader of the team along with Dani Moonstar. The team changed a lot, not only in roster but in their instructor too. The time traveling mutant Cable was in charge of the team and brought about the name change to X-Force. Cable wasn't always around so Sam found himself being in charge of X-Force several times. And even though Cable would return to the team Sam was their leader. During this time on the New Mutants and X-Force Sam stablished a special relationship with a mutant named Tabitha Smith. She was called Boom Boom, Boomer and then Meltdown in that order.On X-Force Sam also learns that he is an external. A mutant that is immortal and can only be killed by decapitation. But time passes and things change. In issue 44 of X-Force Sam graduates to the X-Men. He is now the X-Men's youngest member but no longer the newest because of the recent additions of Marrow, Maggot, and doctor Reyes. Our little farmboy seems to get along quite well with Marrow. He never actually speaks to her or anything but he is very curious about her. He dislikes Maggot though. It seems like one of those male dominence things. It could also be that the chivalrous Sammy doesn't like the lewd comments Maggott makes. In recent action over on X-Force, Sammy caught his best-friend Sunspot and his girlfriend Meltdown kissing. He flew off in a huff, but the effects, if any, that this will have on him in X-Men still haven't been shown. Sam has recently recieved news that his mother is very ill, and after a touching issue where he helped Marrow realize her place on the team, he leaves for Kentucky. His mother informs him that she doesn't want him to take care of his siblings while she is ill, so Sam is left feeling that he doesn't know what to do. He doesn't feel he has a place with the X-Men anymore if he ever really did, and his family doesn't really need him. He has an adventure that same night involving a girl called Arcadia and Ulysses her guardian. Arcadia brings X-Force to Kentucky to help, and fighting along side them again Sam realizes that this is where he belongs. He isn't comfortable with Tab and Bobby, but X-Force is his team, his place. So now our former New Mutant and X-Man returns to X-Force for good.

Now I'm gonna give you my opinion on Cannonball. He is one of my favorite characters. Why? Because he proved himself a good leader in X-Force, he is honest and down to earth, he is very caring and considerate, and although he can get intimidated by his idols the X-Men he can still hold his own. This character lost a lot of his srength when he was put on the X-Men. He became too intimidated by the other characters and I really didn't like that. But Sam did prove himself in his stint with Wolverine and when he defeated Gladiator. Now that he's back on X-Force we should be getting our old take charge Guthrie back. I guess leaving the X-Men can be seen as a failure for this character (I blame it on bad writing) but in a way accepting your limitations and moving on is a great achievement. I've read that there are going to be love triangle things going on between him his ex and her new interest Roberto DaCosta and this promises to be very interesting indeed. Tab and Sam seem to have been together forever and the feelings haven't really faded yet. We'll just have to wait and see how interesting this really gets.

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