X-Force #80- "The Fire Within"

(Note: I was planning on doing my reviews without spoilers, like the previous one, but I've decided that there's no point in that now)

X-Force #80 was one of the best X-Force comics I've read in a while. The Reignfire thing is ended, with S.H.I.E.L.D. taking what's left of Reignfire away after the battle. We can see Dani and Warpath doing a fastball special, which was a nice touch. Meltdown also plays a cool part, temporarily forcing Reignfire (in possession of Bobby) to back down, with a time bomb down the front of his pants. She even counts down for the blow, something she hasn't done for a while. Skids and Locus turn out to be in Latveria, which I think was that gipsy place Doom used to live at, and end up captured by woman with a cat. The Heroes for Hire made a short guest appearance in the book, because the executives from DaCosta International hire them to protect them from Reignfire. But by then Reignfire is defeated and Bobby clears things up with the family business. They agree to give him a warehouse in San Francisco as long as he keeps out of the business until he's 25. This gives the team a new base of operations for their future exploits. But before they continue their lives as mutant heroes, Bobby uses the money in his now un-frozen trust fund to buy them tickets to Hawaii for a much deserved vacation. I really liked this issue. Pollina's art was actually looking better, with only one or two panels coming of looking sloppy or hastily drawn. I'm no fan of Pollina, and can't wait for a new penciler, but he did good with this issue. It also had a nice little comment from Siryn about how some of her childhood friends from Ireland had moved to San Francisco, that I think would serve for cool future stories. With this issue the team really proves that they don't need Cable. They can take care of themselves. X-Force is getting a great new start with this issue, and if you don't have it I suggest you head out and buy a copy or borrow one from a bud, cuz X-Force #80 rocks!

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