X-Force #82- "The Gryphon Agenda"

First ish with our new artist. Before I go into anything I'll just say that the guy is new, and doesn't really have a handle on the team yet. Ok. This man has no clue how to draw Domino. His drawing of Sunspot look funny because his face is too broad. Sometimes the eyes are too small. Other than that, I like this guy! LOL Unlike Pollina the team doesn't always look like they're suffering from anorexia. This guy gives them a little flesh on their faces. I like that. I think this guy has potential. A few more issues for him to really get to know the team and we should have a marvelous artist to delight us every month. Ok, on to the story. Jesse Bedlam shows up at X-Force's new place to tell them Domino has been captured. He's a smart alecky guy that ticks them off at first. It turns out Domino's been held by that witch that gave her the implant and now looks freakier than ever. Naturaly, they beat her up and leave a spectacular explosion behind. Now it seems Jesse will join the team while Domino will make guest appearances while searching for Jesse's bro and info and the company that freaked out the sentinal witch. Things are moving kinda slowly, but we don't want a chaotic rush do we? The story serves to set a few things up anyway. Over all I'd rate the story as mediocre. The characterization was good. You see Tabitha's thoughts on the return of Bobby's cockyness. Bobby is feeling high on the return of his cash and does appear to be turning back into his old stuck up self again. The team interacted well with Jesse. I love X-Force... I doubt anything will ever change that. If you think my reviews are too positive or something it's no prob. That's what you get from a person who loves them! Who knows? Maybe you'll love them too!

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