Storm Bio

Storm, whose true name is Ororo Munroe, was born in New York. Her parents traveled to Africa(Cairo I believe) when she was a small child. The building our young hero was in callapsed on her and her parents, killing them and leaving her with a horrifying claustrophobia. Suddenly orphaned in a country where no one knows her Ororo takes to the streets and becomes a pick pocket. Later when she gets enough money she travels to the Serengeti Plains where her mutant power to control weather manifests. She used her powers to help several of the tribes there and as a consecuence she was worshipped as a goddess. Later, Profesor Xavier located and aproached Storm convincing her to join the new X-Men. That's when she took on the codename Storm. Storm grew as a leader on the X-Men and became well respected by all it's members. She went through many changes though, including one where she wore leather and had a mohawk, but inside she was always the same strong and caring person. she cared so much for her teamates that she one had her powers nutralized in an attempt to save Rogue from the goverment. She was rescued and grew attached to the mutant known as Forge until she discovered that he had invented the gun that had stolen her powers. Storm wasn't one to let things get her down, and even though she was powerless she did what she could to help She spent some time with the New Mutants team as trainer and friend. storms power loss wasn't permanent though... She and Forge were thrown into another dimension together for a year and her powers and love for Forge returned. Other important events in Storms life was her leadership of the Morlocks. The slaughter of these people was something she has always blamed herself for. But life for the X-men is never easy and at one point Storm found herself de-aged by someone called the Nanny. This was when she met the thief Gambit who later followed her back to the X-Men. Storm is turned into a mutate in Genosha, but a mutate time bomb. When she is re-united with her teamates her transformation is not only reversed but her age is back to normal as well. In more recent events, Storm and Forge break up, yet there is still an emotional tie between them. Storm was also forced to kill a mutant called Marrow, who was the young Morlock Gambit had saved from slaughter who grew up to be a killer. She ripped the girls heart out, but as it turns out, Marrow had more than one heart so she survived and has recently joined the X-Men much to Storms dismay. Onslaught and Zero tolarance combined have left Storm as leader of the X-Men since Xavier is missing and Cyclops and Phoenix went on vacation as it were. Having Marrow around has shaken Storm and her perhaps just fear of the girl has induced her to try and keep the others, like young Samuel Guthrie away from her. This caused some friction between Sam and Storm. Another problem Storm now has is Rogue. Rogue confided a dream in Storm and when the dream seemed to come true Storm assumed it was Rogue's doing. Rogue ran away in tears hurt at Storms mistrust. Storm has been getting better now, making her errors up to the others. Nothing with Marrow as of yet though. Storm has recieved a package in the mail and must now go to Africa to save her village which should be interesting and give us more on Ororo. The african village was pretty interesting, but the Psi-war was a bit over built up. The Shadowking was the one who summoned Storm back to her village. The X-Men managed to defeat him, at the expense of Psylocke's psi-powers. Since then Storm has been pulling things together nicely. She made a relative peace with Marrow in X-Men #79. She's also gotten the team together, becoming once again the great leader we all know she is.

Storm is a strong character and capable leader who has been at times the backbone of the X-Men. Her courage and caring made her a trusted confidant to many of the X-Men. Her wisdom and cool headedness earned their respect. But recently Storm has been off balance. She's feeling the preasure of her world crashing down around her. She seems to be losing control. She is no longer the leader she was, and although for all of this she has good reason, I want the cool, calm Storm back!!!
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