"Slipped Up"

Part 4

This time, timeslipping felt worse. The dragging sensation was intense. The perpetual whizzing motions were enough to make any stomach queasy. It felt like being dragged through a vortex. All the X-Men held on to Timeslip for dear life, and several times had the sensation that they were losing their grip. It was not pleasant at all. When they materialized in the X-mansions living room, only the most stoic remained standing. Gambit, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Rogue stood. Phoenix, who had been previously injured, was lying on the floor. Meltdown and Cannonball were on their knees. Timeslip looked on the verge of collapse. Cyclops walked over to Phoenix, wobbling slightly. "She needs to go to the infirmary," he said. Cannonball regained his feet. "Ah'll take Mrs. Summers to the infirmary, sir." Cyclops nodded. "Perhaps Timeslip should go with you, she looks bad, and she still needs to make a trip back." "Mes amis," began Gambit, but Timeslip cut him off. "I'm fine," she said fiercely. "Besides, you may not realize this, but those people traveled to somewhere near the mansion. They'd want to eliminate the X-Men and the High Lord before they go about their plans." "Dat's what Remy try to say. De alarm ain't sounding, but dey be on de grounds acording to the security sistems monitor." "Ah think they're outside," said Rogue as they heard the sound of a lightning bolt striking ground. "Let's try to get the jump on them," said Cyclops as they dashed towards the door. Timeslip took a moment to catch her breath, before she chased after them. Outside chaos reigned. The five Exec's were doing battle with Storm, Iceman, Angel, Psylocke, and Beast. Iceman was already unconscious. Angle fluttered around without being able to do much damage. Beast dodged laser blasts that came closer every time. Psylocke was fighting the only female Exec, and Storm was trying to use the winds and her lightning bolts to keep the others at bay. The Exec's each had different powers. One seemed to have some sort of crackling energy shield around his body. Another formed weapons out of thin air. The third and youngest looking seemed to have hypnotic powers that he was employing against Psylocke. The fourth just stood their like some arrogant leader. The female member didn't visibly show any powers, but from the way she fought her talent could maybe lie in enhanced strenght and reflexes. Wolverine inmediently went for the smug one standing off to the side. Cyclops blasted the one who was throwing his weapons at Storm. Gambit and Rogue went after the shielded one. Meltdown tried distracting the hypnotic one. Each Exec seemed to have weapons concealed all over their bodies that they used to fire energy blasts or otherwise ocupy their opponents. The smug leader type drank a serum and suddenlt there were two of him. It looked as if both had the ability to manipulate objects and living things around them. Grass and a sprinkler head wrapped themselves around Wolverine's ankles. "Soon you'll learn why I Mickleyn am the leader of the Exec's." "An you'll learn why I'm called the best at what he does," growled Wolverine as he cut himself free. Meltdown had gotten in over her head, and ended up hypnotized, while Psylocke was too busy fending of the female and her pointed lance. "You are a cute little girl, but when you mess with me you fall like the rest," he said mockingly. He then made Meltdown toss a bomb over to Cyclops who had taken out the air weapon Exec. The explosion knocked Cyclops down and his head hit the floor hard, leaving him unconscious. "He'll have a headache when he wakes up," giggled the hypnotizer foolishly. "But you won't be waking up at all," said Timeslip as she got behind him and punched him with her clawed glove in the chest. The young Exec made a chocking sound. Timeslip felt the beginings of a hypnotic spell in the back of her head. She tried to pull her claw free, but it was stuck. Before Meltdown let loose a time bomb that probably would have been fatal, Timeslip chopped him in the neck as hard as she could. He fell down dead. "Forgot that you guys are so hard to kill," she muttured. Meltdown fell dizzyly to the floor. "You better get inside," Timeslip said before going off. "You know chere, we could be takin on more than we can handle with dis one," said Gambit. He and Rogue had been hitting the shielded mutant with all they could, but his shield seemed to absorb the force of their attacks. On the up side, at least he could use his shield for something offensive. The downside was that he seemed to have plenty of weapons he could fire through his shield at them. Rogue's uniform was already a little singed, and she looked annoyed. Storm attempted to use her winds to help Psylocke in her fight, but nature wasn't always precise enough to affect only one person. She and Archangel, who had taken Cyclops and Meltdown inside the mansion, were now trying to assist Wolverine in the battle against the now triplet leaders. The smug Exec and his quick clones seemed to have a small ability in manipulating weather factors as well as other things. Storm was showing one of them what real weather control was. Archangel was quickly in a bind. His metal wings seemed to be susceptible to the manipulation, so he was fighting with himself as much as with anyone else. Timeslip was breathing heavily. The hypno-kid was tougher than she had hoped and she was already exhausted. She looked around at the scene. She had hoped that the Exec's wouldn't be using the new instant clone serum. It wasn't fully tested yet and had some seriously bogus effects from what she had seen before. Unfortunately that wasn't evident in this battle. Timeslip did a quick review of what she knew about the Exec's. The all carried the latest techno toys, and weren't vulnerable to psi powers. If she remembered correctly, the each carried something that would neutralize the other members in case they tried to betray Clustic. That was what Gambit and Rogue would need to get rid of the energy shield. She viewed the field. She muttured a curse. The body of the dead Exec was gone. They had genes manipulated to desintigrate them upon death. The air weapon Exec was coming to. She dashed in his direction. Wolverine was hampered by the objects reaching up to grab him and slow his movements. The fact that his opponent was constantly producing more of himself by drinking some vile liquid was annoying as well. "Ain't you man enough to take me on alone?" he growled. "Only a fool would waste any advantage in battle. What good does honor do you if you end up dead?" he challenged back. Wolverine grinned. An oponent without scrupples. It would be an interesting battle.

Cannonball blasted out of the mansion and quickly surveyed the scene. Timeslip seemed to be in trouble. She was moving slower and her opponents air weapons were getting her. He blasted in her direction and delivered a 55mph punch that shattered the man's jaw. He grunted and fell to the floor. Timeslip leapt on him and quickly cut his throat with her claw. She then quickly searched his pockets. She touched a green seringe and gasped, but pulled out a small green pistol. She tossed it to Cannonball. "That will go through the Exec's crackling energy shield. Shoot to kill Samuel. These guys can not make a life here in the past." Even as she told him this, the dead man's body fell apart in front of her. The appearance was gruesome, but she didn't even flinch. As ordered Cannonball flew off to the one with the shield and mentally thanked Cable for teaching the members of X-Force to shoot, no matter what their powers. Gambit and Rogue saw him and distracted the guy with the shield so that Cannonball could get the shot off.

"You little bitch," came a harsh female voice behind Timeslip. Timeslip turned only to recieve a kick in the gut, that was meant to break her spine, from the female Exec. She doubled over in pain. "You killed them!" "If you didn't talk so much maybe you could have avenged them," wheezed Timeslip. Timeslip glanced over at where Psylocke was on the ground and let out a relieved breath when she saw that in her haste to get at the one who killed her friends, the Exec hadn't killed her opponent. Timeslip kicked the female in the knees as hard as she could. Even though she was wearing heavy boots, the Exec didn't even flinch. 'Damn' she thought as the female pulled a seringe out of her coat. She tried to dodge the following charge, but in her exhaustion she tripped over her own feet and fell. The needle went into the left part of her abdomen as she landed. Then Gambit and Rogue were there to take on the Exec. Cannonball went over to see if she was alright as Rogue decked the Exec. Timeslip knew it was over. She had heard of this poison. Her blood vessels would burst and she's die a painful death within minutes. She'd cry if she hadn't known how futile tears were. Someone was raising her head. She looked into the blue eyes of this time period's Samuel Guthrie. "I'm dead within a few minutes," she said sadly. She appeared fine at the moment so a confused look briefly lit his face. "She poisoned me. I'm so stupid!" she laughed sarcasticaly. Her fingernails were turning black. Red blotches started to appear on her arms. "At least I died in battle. In victory." Cannonball had no idea what to say to her. She knew him, but she was a stranger to him. "Before I go I want to confess something to you High Lord," she said. Red marks were appearing on her face. She was hemorraging, her brain already dying without enough blood. She couldn't remeber that this was not the man she knew. "I've always loved you," she said sadly. "I never even got to kiss you, but I still loved you with all my heart. You saw me as a child and now I can never show you that I am a woman. Please hold me, Sam. You don't return my feelings but I know you care enough for that. I'm so sorry I caused you pain. With my remarks and actions. I was trying to help you always. I lived for you," she whispered those last words. She coughed, and blood covered the front of his uniform. "Please burn my body. Fling my ashes into the winds so I can always be with you," she gasped out those words before her breathing stopped. Samuel Guthrie felt a lump in his throat. "We'll give the kid a good burial," said Wolverine putting a hand on Cannonball's shoulder. Everyone was standing around him and the girl who had lead them to a strange adventure in the future. Sam had learned so much about himself...

They burnt her in the back of the mansion. "A warriors funeral, non?" said Gambit. "The honor of a decent burial is what some warriors live for," said Wolverine. He still wondered about the kid. She reminded him of Jubilee, his former protege. He would have liked fighting by her side. as if echoing his thought's Jean said: "We knew so little about her..." she sounded kind of sad. "We know the important things. She's a person like us. She'll fight for good no matter what the price to herslef," said Cyclops. "Yes, it is good to know that we will leave something good for those in the future. Makes everything worth fighting for," said Storm solemly. After the fire burnt out Storm summoned the winds and spread the ashes around the world. "A good spirit to watch over us," she said. Jean smiled.

In the future, about three centuries from when the X-Men fought their battles, the High Lord sat alone. He was on his ship after having blown up the enemy facility. The crew was busy getting them back to where the team was supposed to meet up with them. He was alone and clutched something in his hand. His face was stony and gave no hint of his inner turmoil. He had sent her to her death. He had known it would happen, but couldn't prevent it no matter how he tried. He fingered a leather glove with three adimantium bear claws attached at the knuckles. It was her glove. He had kept it before they burned her body. She had died thinking the her love for him was unreciprocated. After his wife Tabitha had died... and then his son... He had never wanted to love again. He finally meet Timeslip again when she was a child. He raised her and a few other mutants he came accross. It felt wrong, but he had loved her. He couldn't tell her because he knew this day would come. He figured if he never spoke the words it wouldn't hurt so much. He was wrong... A solitary tear trickled down the face of the man who had once thought he would never cry again.

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