James "Jimmy" Proudstar is the brother of the deceased X-Men, Thunderbird, that sacrificed his life to save the world from Count Nefaria. Swearing revenge from his brother's death, James entered the Hellions and tried to kill Professor Xavier. He saw the error of his mission and later joined X-Force when his people were killed. He told Cable that he would join the team if Cable helped him find the murderers of his people, but Cable never helped him with this besides taking James to see Emma who assured him that the Hellfire Club was no responsible.

In the team, he helped Siryn overcome alcoholic problems and fell in love with her in the process. For the longest time he was head over heels in love with her, but she didn't return his feelings and only wanted to be friends. That feeling sure gave him some problems, especially in the form of fights against Deadpool whom Siryn held (and maybe still holds) some affection. Things with him and Terry never solidified or went away. He left the team some time ago and had a love affair with Risque, a mutant that saved him from an attack from Selene. But when Risque drugged him and 'betrayed' him that seemed to die. But his feelings for both Siryn and Risque were never really resolved, leaving James a very complex person emotionaly.

After a mission in other dimension, on which Sledge, Risque's employer, sent him; James found the name of the only other survivor of the massacre of his people. Warpath returned to X-Force, seeking the killer of his people of Camp Verde. He went with Siryn to check out the lead Sledge handed him and discovered the doctor who was behind the murder of his people was also the man responsible for some earlier experiments on his mother (flashback issue). The doc wasn't alone. He later discovered that the murder of his people was caused by the actions of Stryfe, and that investigations led him to death. And to hell. But his love for life and the help of his friends gave him the ability to fight Stryfe in hell and return to life.

Since then James has found a new emotional balance within himself and shed his anger. He spoke of changing his codename, because Warpath didn't suit him anymore, but thusfar a new codename has not officially been given to him. Right now he is pretty put together, except for as I said earlier in matters of the heart. Hopefully this, as well as the matter of his codename, will be dealt with promptly.

I never really took to the character of James Proudstar. Maybe it was the whole anger thing and how he tried to be just like his older brother instead of being an individual. The redeeming quality I saw in him was when he helped Siryn. That was cool. But then there was Risque... That was all weird. But then he managed to make peace with his ghosts as it were. Now he has potential again. I want to see if I'll like this new Proudstar.