X-Force #87

"Family Matters"

My first impression on this issue was an excited thought on how great it was. The art is still looking great, and I love the way they are dealing with things. What I mean is that we got an update on the status of Sam's mom, finaly something on Tabitha's dad, changes in the Roberto/Tabitha relationship, More on Dani's weird powers, and the end of Jesse's search for his brother (well he did find him!). Now I'll go into the details of what I liked so much.

1) It shows us how much Sam is hurting over the thing with his mom and a bit more on why he can't stay. Paige says it clearly both he and their mom think they have to take care of the family by themselves. They are both proud (something we haven't seen in Sammy for a while), and his mother feels that she should be the one making the sacrifice.

2) Tabitha meets her dad!!! It means that although no one has showed it on panel until now, she had to have been in contact with him after the explosion in ish #49. He has a new wife and has changed his life a lot since that day. He's joined this triune cult/religious group that has allowed him to be more at peace with himself and realize the importance of family. He wants to get Tabitha to go to a meeting with him because he knows how he's made a mess of her life. It is a bit much for her and she freaks and leaves which is understandable.

3) With their relationship on a cooldown(more like a coldfront) Bobby decides he has to do something. So after Tabitha brushes him off he follows her. She meets with her father and when she storms off she runs into him. It gets left there for now, but more trouble is on the horizon for this messed up romance (which I think should never have happened)

4) Dani is freaked out by the changes in her powers since the incident with Arcadia in issue #84. She gets Jennifer Kale, the girl that helped X-Force defeat Pandemonia in issue #86. She tells Dani that the powers aren't of a magical nature, but possibly a cosmic force. Dani mentions maybe taking this to the X-Men's Beast.

5) So while all this other stuff goes on with the members of X-Force, James has an encounter with Tarot that leaves him mystified, and Domino and Jesse follow up on a lead she got on Jesse's family. It leads them to a man in the loony bin and a crony they squeeze for information. They get and address from him, and there they run into Magma and a seemingly robotic Paradigm. They are part of the new Hellions. They were assembled along with Switch, Tarot, and one un-named by *Ta-Da* Jesse's brother! It seems that his older bro has the power to disrupt higher functions of the brain and was at one point invited to join the Hellions by Emma. It seems that when his and Jesse's parents were killed they took him because they knew he was a mutant and they wanted a lab rat. All records of him were destroyed, but he got away when he turned 13. He tells Jesse that membership to the new Hellions is open, and that's where we are left this month.

Caracterization! Following through plot lines! Leaving us in suspense! Moore is probably the best thing to happen to this book in a long time. True, Tarot is supposed to be dead and we hate resurections, but I have a feeling Moore will make it work. I love getting to see Magma again. James (I'm not sure if he can be called Warpath anymore) seems to be coming together into a great character. I like the way we see the newer characters like Jennifer Kale again and they aren't just left in limbo. Moore leaves me dying for the next issue. I want to see more on Meltdown's dad, on the cool Hellions, on Tarot. This book has left me feeling more excited for a comic than I ever have before and I love it!