X-Force #92 Review

"Strange Interlude"

In this issue the art looks ok. It isn't the best I've ever seen, but it isn't really the worst either. I could live with his art on a regular basis, but I like Cheung's way of drawing the team better. Cheung is more streamlined. The story is just alright. It's basicaly a filler issue, a break between the action, or and interlude as the tittle suggests. I'm not really crazy about Domino, and this issue is all about her so I probably won't go into it too much. We basicaly learn what happened to Domino who disappeared in a flash of ligth while searching for Siryn in the previous issue. It turns out that this psycho Halloween Jack (who's a character from AoA?) kidnapped her and has been obsessed with Domino for quite some time. He seems to be in love with her and wants to keep her in his isolated world where she'll be safe from what he calls her "death wish". He's come from the future and while he assesed the problems he might meet in the past he saw Domino and gathered all the information he could on her, obsessed on first sight. He shows her the future and how he's saving her by keeping her with him. X-Force gets in a battle with a pantheon of destructive beings bent on reshaping the world to their whim. He tells her that X-Force will fail miserably and she'll be the first one to die. She tells him that she's cheated death before. He replies that she won't this time and that her overconfindence will lead to the death of her teammates as well as her own, seeming to strike a nerve in her (hey, I don't really know her past so don't ask me why, no clue here). To make a not too interesting story short, Dom kicks butt and makes Jack return her to the real world. It would appear that she decides to make ammends for one of the events in her past, but the person she calls, Victor Lomenzo doesn't seem to be home.

The story has two brief one page interludes that feature the other members of X-Force. The first shows DaCosta talking to the INS agents. He isn't very happy, but since he came into the US on a student visa and is neither studying nor holding a job he's illegal in the US. He yells harassment, but his lawyer tells Roberto to let him handle it. He tells the INS that it's true that he overstayed his visa, but many kids do that and they don't need to press charges. He informs them that the next day Roberto will begin working at the San Francisco office of DaCosta International, and that he's spoken to a judge about expediting his green card. The INS agent tell him that Roberto is one rich kid that neither he nor the judge can "get out of jail free" (nice touch). The agent shows a picture of Roberto on the Colorado University Campus in the company of Reignfire a mutant terrorist wanted for the destruction of a Vegas casino. Roberto wants to explain, but realizes that he can't do so without revealing that he's Sunspot (who might also be wanted since X-Force is a "terrorist" group) and exposing everyone else on the team. The agent tells him that he has two choices: to stay in the US and face criminal conspiracy charges or to leave the country voluntarily.

The second interlude is at the very end. It shows Sam, James, Tabitha, Dani, and Jesse in the park. James is sitting and talking with Tabitha while the others toss around a frisbee. James tells Tabby how he wished he could have done more to help Siryn or convince her to stay. Tabitha tells him that sometimes you just need to give people their space and then laughs at herself because she must not really know anything about relationships, especially since Bobby never came home after she broke up with him. Sam says that Bobby hasn't been with anyone as long as with her since his first girlfriend back in Brazil and that he's sure he'll be back soon when he gets over it. He seems to be taking things pretty well seeing as how he and Tabby broke up not all that long ago. He tosses the frisbee to Dani, but the frisbee is destroyed in a blast of energy. You see a word balloon telling Dani that someone (we aren't shown anyone) has need of her power and that the world depends on her for our finale.

The story is ok. It's nice to see a few plot threads followed up, like the whole Reignfire thing comming back to haunt Bobby. I think the INS thing is a brilliant idea too. Something you don't really see in comics. Other than the nice little scene in the park the story is pretty slow and you can really tell how this is a filler issue. If I'd have to use one word do describe this issue, summing up story and art, mediocre would be the word to use.

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