The Latest Updates:

Sept/8/99 As promised I put up the reviews for X-Force issues #92-94 today! I've finally caught up! I wish I could review X-Force 1999 for you but I haven't been able to get a copy yet. Sometime soon I'll be updating Siryn and Sunspot's bios (they need it most) so keep checking here often.

Sept/7/99 I fixed the poll (small oversight, sorry) and the X-Force #90 issue review. I also put up the review for issue #91, so I'm starting to catch up with what I missed. I should put up the reviews for issues #92-94 tomorrow, so check for more updating soon.

Sept/1/99 Updated the poll so now you can participate in the September poll, joined and put up a new webring and slightly changed the X-Force team history bit, adding Siryn's injury and leave of the team to it.

Aug/26/99 I put up the Review for X-Force #95. I'm still missing #91-94 plus I still haven't figured out what's wrong with #90's review but I'll get to those eventually I hope. I've also updated the story/fan-fic page with my latest Hell's Fire continuity stories. More updates coming soonly though it ain't easy with this filmanager program.

Aug/15/99 ARGH! Filemanager sucks! Editing is awful this way! Since I've been moving there were no July updates or poll. I put up and August poll and am slowly working on more updates though I fear I am hopelessly behind.

June/3/99 Updated the poll, but too busy for much else.

May/6/99 I updated the Poll today, got some interesting results on that last one. Yes I did notice that the link to the review of Issue #90 doesn't work but I don't have time to fix that at the moment and I swear I will soon. Thanks guys!

Apr/17/99 I put up the reviews for issues #89 and #90 of X-Force. I also put up #10 in my X-Force re-write. Those of you, if any, who read it might ask, why is it taking you so long to write this series? The answer is pretty simple. I started it at a time when I was unsatisfied with the way X-Force was written. But now I love the way the writers and handling it, so I am slower to write my series.

Apr/1/99 Updated poll, put up new stories (check 'em out). I'm in a rush so sorry about the lack of details.

March/2/99 Updated the poll today.

Feb/23/99 I finished off the Bio on Warpath finally! 'Bout time I got around to it. You may have noticed a new animation on the main page. There's also a new one up with Rogue's Poem on the story page. The animations are curtesy of JB. Speaking of Story page, I have a new story up! I answered Jenifer's fan-fiction challenge where we had to depict a fight with Cable and the consequences. Thus the story "Rage at Cable". Check it out *S*

Feb/14/99 I put up the X-Force #88 Review today. I've also discovered that something fishy is going on with my server because I updated this page Feb 9th and when I viewed my page earlier it was here, but when I edit it to add today's entry the Feb 9th one was missing. Hmmm... I wonder what's going on here.

Feb/9/99 Updated the poll. I got 32 responses! The most ever!!

Jan/29/99 Finished the Rictor Bio and linked the still unfinished Warpath Bio. I'll get to him soon though *S*

Jan/26/99 I put up the new Moonstar bio and began work on the Rictor and Warpath Bio, although those two aren't ready yet. I need one more Warpath pic, and to finish something for Ric's bio before they are finished, but look for them soon.

Jan/9/99 I've put up the Review for X-Force #87, with the New Hellions!

Jan/3/99 Happy New Year! I've updated the poll and put up #9 in my X-Force re-write. Enjoy!

Dec/30/98 The links have been updated. I took out the non-working links and added a few more. Mainly they are links to X-Force fan-fiction, my new obsession and something that is pretty hard to find.

Dec/29/98 As is very obvious the page has suffered a major rehaul. I've decided that since all my recent updates have been X-Force updates and X-Force is the team that really makes me want to have a homepage, I've changed the dedication and transformed my page into an X-Force page. The X-Men page is still there, but it's now just a sub-page and I probably won't update it much. I deleted the August and September updates, because you don't care what I did way back when and they take up space. The poetry section might get cut, but that's still in the we'll see category. I've moved and updated the Cannonball bio. He's now on the X-Force page and team so that's where you'll find him. I updated the general X-Force team info. I changed a lot of links around. I still need to update my links page to all the great X-Force sites I've been checking out, and I promise to do it soon. I'm planning on setting up Bio's for Dani and Proudstar, but I still need to find enough pictures of them to maintain my bio format. That's it for now. More soon.

Dec/25/98 Merry Christmas!!! Today I link the story X-Force #8 to the story page.

Dec/17/98 Put up the X-Force #86 review.

Dec/16/98 Added the sequel to that new fan-fic! It's called Babysitting Blues. Check out the story page! You won't regret it!

Dec/14/98 Added an new fan-fic! It's called Cable's room. Check it out.

Dec/11/98 Oh my gosh! Has it really been a month!!! Ok, well I updated the X-Force reviews some weeks ago(must have been to lazy to put it up here), #8 of the X-Force re-write has ben up for about 5 days now, and today I updated the poll. I better not be forgetting to update the update page next time! LOL

Nov/3/98 Updated the monthly poll. Very ubusy this month, but updates should pick up over X-Mas vacation.