X-Force is the team formed by the X-Men trainees, the New Mutants. The New Mutants were formed by Profesor Xavier when he thought the X-Men were dead(they weren't). Xavier left the New Mutants though and after some time under the care of Magneto they met Cable who turned them into a fighting force to be reconned with. These mutants were younger than the X-Men so no one recognized their potential to fight for mutant rights until Cable came along. After some time with the New Mutants and the loss of all it's members except for Cannonball and Boomer Cable decided that more afirmative action had to be taken and he recruted mutants like Shatterstar, Warpath, and Feral changing the New Mutants into X-Force. The measures X-Force took agaisnt their enemies made them outlaws to society and even to the other mutant teams. There were also conflicts between Cannonball, the New Mutants leader, and Cable over this but they all realized that such measures were at times necesary. The team changed, getting new members like Siryn and lossing old ones like Feral(she got sent to prison). The team always remained one thing, a mutant fighting force. Events in issue #44 even saw their leader Cannonball graduate to the X-Men. Cable, although a constant leader, wasn't always there and now the team has broken their ties to their teacher and leader heading out on their own. Their current roster includes: Siryn, Warpath, Meltdown, Sunspot, and Moonstar. They are traveling around the States without money and, like most teenagers, getting into trouble. But for these mutants it's nothing they can't handle. After a battle with Reignfire DaCosta manages to get access to his funds back and after an adventure filled trip across the US he sets them up in a San Francisco warehouse. Now they have a new base of operations and they get some new members. Jesse Aaronson seemingly joins the team, and with him Domino rejoins the group. An adventure in Kentucky brings Cannonball back to the fold and it seems that our mutant misfits are more prepared to kick butt than ever! They've never been a team afraid to get their hands dirty, and even realizing that they can be seriously injured, a lesson brought home when Siryn leaves the team after losing her voice, this team keeps kicking butt.

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